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Updated 7/2/2014

Family Myoporaceae


Myoporum sandwicense

Ka'ena Point, Oahu


Kaloko, Oahu



Cultivated, Waimanalo, Oahu


Cultivated, Hamakua Marsh, Oahu

Cultivated, Hamakua Marsh, Oahu

Naio papa, Kamilo, Hawaii


Locally abundant shrub or small tree from dry coastal plains to the sub-alpine zone.  Variable stature, leaf form & flower color by locality.  Prostrate forms occur along the Ka'u coast and small trees occur on the slopes of Mauna Kea.  Greenish yellow heartwood has a strong fragrance leading to its substitution for true sandalwood when that resource was depleted by the late 1800's.  An attractive drought-tolerant species ideal for landscapes.  Indigenous to Hawaii and Mangaia (Cook Islands).

A potentially devastating insect has been injuring Naio on the Big Island.  Please report any suspected cases:   http://www.reportapest.org/pestlist/klamyo.htm