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RAW conversions using Silkypix 3 and higher


Renaming, deleting, reserving

You will see image thumbnails after opening the selected folder.  The program also applies automatic exposure and white balance corrections upon opening.  These are later replaced by your own settings.  RAW files may be batch renamed or renamed individually to make organization and retrieval easier.  You may also want to mark and delete unwanted files now by highlighting the selected thumbnail and pressing F6 to make a red X appear.  Then go to 'File' and 'Delete Reserved Scene'.  Note that Silkypix creates two additional files (.spd and .spi) for image preview and development that will also be deleted.  If you will be archiving corrected RAW files make sure to save these as well.  Opening archived files from an earlier version may result in some discrepancies but the image will still look 'right'.

Files to be developed into TIF or JPG files must be reserved with a yellow check mark by highlighting and pressing F8.  This can also be done later while applying global corrections.  After all corrections are complete these reserved scenes will be batch developed.


Development marks applied in thumbnail mode