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Family Conidae


Conus (Harmoniconus) paukstisi 

Kahe Point, Oahu, 15 feet, 22mm


Mokuleia, Oahu, 1 foot, 18mm


Mokuleia, Oahu, 1 foot, 12mm


Mokuleia, Oahu, 1 foot, 16mm


Makapu'u tidepool, Oahu


Haleiwa Trench, Oahu, 25 feet

Pursuing worm prey


Abundant on intertidal benches, tidepools, and reefs.  Shell white with none to many brown flecks, base and aperture brown, spire and body whorl with spiral cords.  Attains 1 inch.  Animal is pink and white.  Endemic to Hawaii.  Conus nanus has a purplish-blue base and aperture, and smooth body whorl lacking spiral cords.  Both were formerly known in Hawaii as Conus sponsalis.