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Updated 9/13/2022

Family Pomacentridae


Plectroglyphidodon marginatus

Palea Point, Oahu, 25 feet


Juvenile, Pupukea, Oahu, 30 feet

Kewalo Pipe, Oahu, 50 feet


Corsair, Oahu, 100 feet

Sharks Cove, Oahu, 15 feet


Juvenile, Sharks Cove, Oahu, 30 feet

Haleiwa Trench, Oahu, 20 feet

Juvenile, Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Sharks Cove, Oahu, 15 feet

Waianae, Oahu, 25 feet


Very common solitary inhabitant of shallow reefs where it cultivates filamentous algae as food.  Vigorously defends this farm against roving herbivores.  Light gray-brown with black scale edges and yellow eyes, juveniles with neon blue fin margins and yellow tail.  Attains 5 inches.  Endemic to Hawai'i.  Formerly known as Stegastes marginatus.  Before that it was confused with Stegastes fasciolatus, which is a Central Pacific species.