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Midway Dive Sites

WELLES HARBOR / LAGOON PATCH REEFS        15 to 50 feet         Beginner

Numerous patch reefs within the lagoon are home to a variety of hard corals and associated fishes, mollusks, and lobsters. Bottom composition varies from massive coral heads to rubble and sand. Despite lower water clarity in the lagoon (25 to 50 feet), divers may encounter Spinner dolphins, Manta rays, Eagle rays, Monk seals, and Tiger Sharks at any time. Rarely dived since much better can be expected at the Cargo Pier and outside the barrier reef.  Fifteen to thirty minutes from the harbor.


SNORKELING WITHIN THE LAGOON         3 to 15 feet         Beginner - Intermediate

The majority of Midway’s lagoon shallows are sand and rubble, with large patches of ancient limestone with a few living corals. The best location for snorkeling is located to the northeast, adjacent to the emergent barrier reef. The sheltered waters here provide the best conditions for Lobe, Cauliflower, and Purple Rice Corals to survive the harsh winter surf and low water temperatures. Along with colorful corals, snorkelers encounter colorful butterflyfishes, big Spectacled Parrotfishes, Bluespined Unicornfishes, tangs, goatfishes, wrasses, Spotted Eagle Rays, bright red Slate-Pencil Urchins, and occasional Hawaiian Monk Seals.  During periods of high surf the current can be very strong.