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Updated 10/15/2012


NOTE: Recreational diving ceased after 2002

Midway’s normal diving season extends from May through September, although shore dives may be done under the piers throughout the year.  The best diving conditions occur during August and September.  Sites are 5 to 30 minutes away from the harbor.  Typical reefs are expanses of rugged limestone with numerous ledges, tunnels, and canyons. Most sites had mooring buoys and dives are generally conducted while at-anchor.  Drift dives were discouraged since Midway lacks well-defined walls or drop-offs.  Night diving was limited to the Tugboat Pier or Cargo Pier on a case-by-case basis.
Midway was one of the best places in the world to see & photograph Hawaiian fishes; big, rare, and endemic species in abundance, fearless with divers.  Since Midway is the only Northwestern Hawaiian Island approved for recreational diving, new species records or range extensions were  made by our dive guides.  Daily sites were selected according to water conditions, experience level, and specific interests.  Many popular sites are located along the southwest rim of the barrier reef. Currents at most areas are mild except during the full or new moon.  Periods of calm give way to strong tradewinds or swells throughout the year.  Alternate sites were chosen when such conditions exist, often at unexplored regions.

Review of Midway Sport Diving published in Undercurrent, Feb. 2000


UPDATE, 10/2012: Scuba diving is not currently available at Midway.  Due to severe budget cuts and limited staffing, formal visitor programs have stopped.