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Family Antipathariidae


Antipathes griggi  

Moku Manu Pinnacle, Oahu, 140 feet


Portlock Point, Oahu, 25 feet

Baby Barge, Oahu, 65 feet


Red Hill, Hawaii, 100 feet

Red Hill, Hawaii, 100 feet

Corsair, Oahu, 100 feet


The most likely black coral to be seen by divers as shallow as 15 feet.  Stiff, vertically pointing branches have tips thicker than 0.6mm.  There are about 8 polyps per cm.  Rare fishes are associated with Antipathes.  The Longnose Hawkfish perches itself among the branches, making it difficult to photograph.  Tinker's Butterflyfish is not directly associated with black coral, but frequents the same habitat.  Endemic to Hawaii.  Formerly known as Antipathes dichotoma (a Mediterranean species) and Antipathes arborea.