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Updated 12/16/2013

Family Conidae


Conus (Cylinder) textile

Hau'ula, Oahu, 6 feet


Mokapu, Oahu, 50 feet, 65mm


Kewalo, Oahu, 35 feet


Octopus bite

YO-257 Wreck, Waikiki, Oahu, 110 feet


Kea`au, Oahu, 50 feet

Juvenile, Haleiwa, Oahu, 11mm


Juvenile, Magic Island, Oahu, 30 feet

Juvenile, Magic Island, Oahu, 30 feet


Uncommon in sand under slabs at scuba depths.  Shell is light with concave spire, white with golden blotches and dark brown tented pattern.  Attains 4 inches.  Feeds upon cowries and other snails at night, sting is potentially lethal to humans.  Hawaii & the Indo-Pacific.