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Updated 9/13/2013

Family Hippolytidae


Saron marmoratus

Haleiwa Trench, O‘ahu, 20 feet

Moku o Loe, Kaneohe Bay, O‘ahu, 3 feet


Kaupo tidepool, O‘ahu


Kaupo tidepool, O‘ahu


Sharks Cove, O‘ahu

Male, Haleiwa Trench, O‘ahu, 25 feet


Makapu‘u, O‘ahu, 20 feet

Barbers Pt., Oahu, 125 feet

Female, Haleiwa Trench, O‘ahu, 25 feet


Common on shallow reefs at night, the eyes reflect a golden light when shined upon.  Color varies from green to reddish brown.  Males have long arms.  Attains 4 inches.  Hawai‘i and the Indo-Pacific.