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Updated 1/27/2013

Family Labridae


Iniistius aneitensis

Juvenile, Sharks Cove, Oahu, 30 feet


Kewalo, Oahu, 90 feet

Juvenile, Makua, Oahu, 30 feet



Subadult, Makua, Oahu, 35 feet



Juvenile, Kailua Bay, Hawaii, 35 feet

Blowhole, Oahu, 25 feet


Uncommon over sand at scuba depths but juveniles are common during summer.  Juveniles light with brown blotches and two false eye spots on the dorsal fin, adults gray with large white patch behind the pectoral fins and three dark vertical blotches, males with a yellow patch forward of the white patch, dark in females.  Black individuals are rare and nearly indistinguishable from black Iniistius pavo.  Feeds upon invertebrates and dives into the sand when threatened.  Attains 8 inches.  Hawai‘i and the Tropical Pacific.  Formerly known as Hemipteronotus niveilatus.