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Updated 9/23/2013

Family Acanthuridae


Acanthurus leucopareius

Hanauma Bay, Oahu, 4 feet


Peek-a-boo, Midway Atoll, 35 feet

Juvenile, Three Tables, Oahu, 10 feet

Kaupo Bay, Oahu, 6 feet


Makapu'u, Oahu, 25 feet


Puako, Hawaii, 10 feet

Juvenile, Makapu'u, Oahu, 25 feet

Juvenile, Firehouse, Oahu, 10 feet

WHITEBAR SURGEONFISH        maikoiko       Sujikuro-hagi

Aggregations are common on shallow reefs, often in the company of Convict Tangs.  Attains 10 inches.  Hawai'i to Southern Japan, absent along the equator, and from New Caledonia to Easter Island.