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Family Lutjanidae


Pristipomoides sieboldii

LAVENDER or SIEBOLD'S SNAPPER    kalekale     Himedai

Uncommon along deep ledges from 450 to 850 feet but now depleted due to overfishing.  Streamlined purplish-brown body with wavy blue lines, reddish pectoral fins and tail, blunt head, large eyes, the upper jaw bone just reaching a vertical line below the front edge of the eye.  Feeds upon small fishes and zooplankton.  Attains 2 feet and at least 5 pounds.  Similar in appearance to the ‘ōpakapaka but less desirable as it has somewhat dry flesh, it is a member of the Deep Seven.  Hawai‘i and the Indo-Pacific.

Kalekale and 'Opakapaka

kalekale (top) and ‘ōpakapaka