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Family Lutjanidae


Etelis coruscans

LONGTAIL RED or RUBY SNAPPER    ula‘ula koae or onaga    Hamadai

Fairly common along deep ledges from 600 to 1000 feet but now depleted due to overfishing.  Red body with a pointed head, large eyes, a pair of large conical teeth on the upper jaw, and a deeply forked tail with elongate tips in adults.  Feeds upon small fish and crustaceans.  Attains 4 feet and at least 28 pounds.  The most valuable deepwater snapper because of its fine white flesh and beauty when served whole, it is a member of the Deep SevenThe traditional Hawaiian name ula‘ula koae is rarely used today having been replaced by the Japanese word onaga, which means 'long tail'.  Hawai‘i and the Indo-Pacific.