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Updated 8/14/2016

Family Diodontidae


Diodon hystrix

Fish Hole, Midway Atoll, 30 feet


Sea Tiger wreck, O'ahu, 80 feet


Makapu'u Pinnacle, O'ahu, 25 feet

Makapu'u Pinnacle, O'ahu, 25 feet

Pupukea Firehouse, O'ahu, 20 feet

Kalaupapa, Moloka'i

 SPOTTED PORCUPINEFISH    kōkala        Nezumi-fugu

Fairly common on shallow reefs where it feeds upon shellfish at night.  Gray-brown with reddish-brown spots on body and fins, spines long and sharp.  Small groups may be observed hovering far above the reef.  Attains 15 inches.  Tropical and subtropical seas worldwide.