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Updated 5/10/2013

Family Carangidae


Seriola dumerili

Juvenile, Angel Ledge buoy, Midway


Pacific Beach Hotel, Oahu

Fish Hole, Midway Atoll, 40 feet


Juvenile, Laie, Oahu

Corsair, Oahu, 105 feet

Cargo Pier, Midway Atoll, 25 feet

 GREATER AMBERJACK         kāhala         Kampachi

A common roving predator of deep reefs.  Brown above with a yellow lateral stripe and dark diagonal bar through the eyes.  Feeds heavily on reef fish and frequently implicated in cases of ciguatera poisoning, therefore only juveniles should be eaten.  Large fish tend to have rubbery flesh riddled with parasitic worms.  Attains 6 feet and at least 150 pounds.  Worldwide in warm seas.