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Updated 9/4/2021

Family Pomacentridae


Pycnochromis pacifica

Sharkfin, Lana'i, 50 feet


Nuptial, Okoe Bay, Hawaii, 40 feet

Nuptial, 100ft Hole, Oahu, 85 feet


Juvenile, Sea Tiger, Oahu, 90 feet



Sea Tiger Wreck, Oahu, 85 feet


Nuptial, Ho'okena, Hawaii, 60 feet

Eggs, Sea Tiger Wreck, Oahu, 70 feet


cropped image

Juvenile, Kewalo Pipe, Oahu, 50 feet


Kahe Pinnacle, Oahu, 80 feet

Kahe Pinnacle, Oahu, 80 feet

Honokohau, Hawaii, 50 feet

Ho'okena, Hawaii, 50 feet

Ho'okena, Hawaii, 50 feet


Common in aggregations among rocky outcrops or reef slopes with Finger Coral at scuba depths where it feeds upon zooplankton.  Golden brown with iridescent pink or blue sheen, blue fin margins, transparent tail, and large black spot at base of pectoral fin.  Attains 4 inches.   Ryukyus, Micronesia, and the Coral Sea, east to Hawai'i, and Pitcairn.  Named in 2020, the Western Indian Ocean population is now known as Chromis agilis.