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Updated 12/30/2013

Family Microcanthidae


A small family of omnivores resembling butterflyfishes but more closely related to chubs.  Most species are limited to subtropical waters of Australia & New Zealand.  One species is rarely seen in Hawai'i.



Microcanthus strigatus

Waikiki Aquarium


Juvenile, He'eia, Oahu, 3 feet

Yawatano, Japan, 6 feet

Ala Wai harbor, Oahu, 5 feet

STRIPEY    Kagokakidai

Rare alone or in small aggregations under ledges on shallow murky reefs.  Relatively common in Japanese bays and harbors.  A nocturnal omnivore.  Attains 6 inches.  Restricted to subtropical waters of Hawai'i, Japan, China, Australia, and New Caledonia.