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Updated 2/20/2013

Yawatano, Eastern Izu, Japan

Yawatano Bay

Some of the best shore diving on the east side of the Izu Peninsula is right here.  Part of the reason for this is the southern exposure that protects the bay from prevailing winds most of the year resulting in calm conditions and clear water.  This is a big plus for photographers since most beach entries in Izu are from boulders or slippery concrete ramps.
The ocean floor starts with boulders near shore with lots of algae cover and large volcanic formations to a depth of 80 feet with gravel or dark sand patches and channels sloping to much deeper water.  You will find many kinds of marine life here no matter where you go.  There's a dive shop just inland from the beach, which adjoins the fishing harbor.  As with most Japanese shore dives near harbors you better take care to stay near the bottom or risk being run over.


Pink Kelpfish, 40 feet, 90mm

Pink Kelpfish



Marbled Rockfish, 30 feet, 50mm

Marbled Rockfish

Sebastiscus marmoratus


Zebra Morwong & Cleaner wrasse, 40 feet, 50mm

Zebra Morwong

Cheilodactylus zebra


Dragon Moray, 40 feet, 90mm

Dragon Moray

Enchelycore pardalis


Soft Coral, 60 feet, 24mm

Soft Coral

Dendronephthya sp.


Red Coralline Algae, 20 feet, 50mm

Red Coralline Algae


Venomous urchin, 25 feet, 50mm

Toxic Urchin

Toxopneustes pileolus


Orange Hydrocoral, 40 feet, 24mm

Fire Coral

Subergorgia sp.


Crinoids on Purple Gorgonians & Soft Coral, 40 feet, 50mm

Crinoids on Gorgonian


Orange Hydrocoral, 50 feet, 90mm

Fire Coral

Subergorgia sp.


Yellow Parazoanthus, 50 feet, 24mm

Yellow Zoanthid

Parazoanthus sp.


Crinoid on Purple Gorgonian, 40 feet, 50mm

Crinoid on Gorgonian


Japanese Butterflyfish

Chaetodon nippon


Thornback Cowfish

Lactoria fornasini