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updated 11/27/2015

Family Dendrophylliidae


Cladopsammia eguchii

Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 45 feet


 Puako, Hawai'i, 20 feet



Sea Cave, O'ahu, 30 feet


This species is often confused with the well-known Orange Cup Coral in Hawai'i.  It is rare, restricted to a few locations with large shady overhangs exposed to good water circulation, including the Haleiwa Trench and Koko Head.  Polyps are distinctly oval with strong septa extending outside the cup.  Live polyps have dead bases attached to their neighbors forming a cluster of individuals instead of forming a single live entity as in Tubastraea.  Usually orange but occasionally greenish-yellow or cream.  Hawaii, Philippines, Cabo San Lucas, Galapagos, & the New Zealand's Kermadec Islands.   Formerly known in Hawaii as Balanophyllia hawaiiensis and Balanophyllia.sp. cf. affinis.

All coral skeletons illustrated are from scientific collections taken prior to 1998.