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Updated 11/27/2015

Family Agariciidae


Pavona varians

Kapoho tidepool, Hawai'i


Kewalo, O'ahu, 50 feet


Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 10 feet


YO-257 wreck, O'ahu, 90 feet


Kewalo Pipe, O'ahu, 50 feet

Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 40 feet


cropped images above

Kewalo Pipe, Oaahu, 50 feet


Makai Pier, Oaahu, 10 feet


P. varians & P. maldivensis

Pupukea, O'ahu, 35 feet


Hulopo'e tidepool, Lana'i

Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 40 feet

Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 40 feet

Gardineroseris above

Sand Island, O'ahu, 10 feet

Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 50 feet


Common on reefs at any depth.  Variable, encrusting or irregular mounds, sometimes with contorted nodules, or plate-like on shaded vertical surfaces.  Corallites prominent, generally in rows between sinuous ridges, ridges occasionally limited to a few short segments.  Color typically golden brown, occasionally green, rust, dark gray, or mottled in turbid environments.  Hawaii, Indo-Pacific & Tropical Eastern Pacific.

All coral skeletons illustrated are from scientific collections taken prior to 1998.