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Updated 10/26/2020

Family Palinuridae

Spiny lobsters lack enlarged claws and are well-protected by sharp forward-pointing spines.  Large species are no longer common due to heavy fishing pressure and disregard for local laws.  Minimum carapace length is 3.25 inches.  Illegal to harvest from May through August, spearing and taking of females with eggs prohibited.




Panulirus marginatus   endemic.gif (1686 bytes)

Hanauma Bay, Oahu, 25 feet


Kaena Point, Oahu, 40 feet


Juvenile, North Shore, Oahu, 10 feet


Sharks Cove, Oahu


Reef's End, Molokini, 60 feet

Pupukea tidepool, Oahu


Uncommon due to chronic overfishing, it occurs in dark holes beyond the surf zone.  Purple and white banded tail and black legs with a single white stripe.  Attains 16 inches.  Endemic to Hawai'i.