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Updated 3/16/2014

Family Scorpaenidae


Sebastapistes ballieui    endemic.gif (1686 bytes)

Haleiwa Beach, Oahu, 10 feet


Channel, Midway Atoll, 30 feet

North Beach, Midway Atoll, 10 feet


Makapu'u tidepool, Oahu

Makapu'u tidepool, Oahu


Ke Iki Beach, Oahu, 20 feet

Sand Island, Oahu, 6 feet


Common in crevices or under rocks on shallow reefs during the day, emerges at night to feed.  Olive green or beige mottled with red and white, a prominent branched flap above each eye, and an obscure dark spot on the spiny dorsal fin.  Attains 5 inches.  Endemic to Hawai'i.