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Updated 6/22/2022

Family Scaridae



Scarus rubroviolaceus

Female, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu


Male, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu


Female, Night, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu, 3 feet

Female, Night, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu, 3 feet


Female, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu, 35 feet

Juvenile, Sharks Cove, O'ahu, 30 feet


Female, Night, Kapoho tidepool, Hawai'i

Female, Molokini Back Wall, 50 feet


Subadult, YO-257 Wreck, Waikiki, O'ahu, 70 feet

Male, Molokini, 50 feet


Female, Molokini, 30 feet

Juvenile, Hale'iwa Trench, O'ahu, 15 feet


Juvenile, Sharks Cove, O'ahu, 25 feet


Puako, Hawai'i, 15 feet


Female, Hanauma Bay, Oahu, 6 feet

  REDLIP PARROTFISH      uhu pālukaluka (F)     uhu 'ele'ele (M)         Budai

Common on shallow reefs where it feeds upon coralline algae, absent north of French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  Elongate with a blunt angular head, smooth exposed jaws, tail with greatly elongated margins, frequently displaying a bicolor pattern.  Females reddish or yellowish brown with dark scale edges, males turquoise or green with pastel hues, juveniles greenish-brown with white stripes, dots, and dark scale edges.  Attains 28 inches.  East Africa to the Tropical Eastern Pacific.