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Updated 6/22/2022

Family Scaridae


Scarus psittacus

Female, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu

Male, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu

Male, Kahuwai Bay, Hawai'i, 4 feet


Female, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu, 25 feet

Female, Hanauma Bay, O'ahu, 25 feet


Female, YO-257, O'ahu, 70 feet


Pu'u Olai, Maui, 30 feet


Male, Sea Tiger, O'ahu, 90 feet


Male, Kailua Bay, Hawaii, 25 feet


Female, Makapu'u Pinnacle, O'ahu, 20 feet


Juveniles, Moku o Loe, Kaneohe, 2 feet


Transitional male, Sea Tiger, Oahu, 80 feet

Male, Hanauma Bay, Oahu, 6 feet

 PALENOSE PARROTFISH      uhu      Budai

Very common on reefs in small harems where it feeds upon coralline algae.  Oval with a slightly protruding snout, smooth jaws nearly covered by lips, and tail with slightly elongate margins.  Females and juveniles mottled gray or olive with reddish pelvic fins, males blue with pink and yellow hues and a yellowish-green spot at the base of the tail.  Attains 10 inches.  Red Sea to Hawaii and French Polynesia.  Females were formerly known as Scarus forsteri, males as Scarus taeniurus.