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Updated 8/11/2013

Family Scaridae


Scarus dubius    endemic.gif (1686 bytes)

Male, Fish Hole, Midway Atoll, 40 feet


Female, Honaunau, Hawaii, 35 feet


Female, Fish Hole, Midway Atoll, 45 feet

Female, Fish Hole, Midway Atoll, 45 feet


Juvenile, Haleiwa Trench, Oahu, 40 feet

Juvenile, Channel, Midway Atoll, 30 feet


Female, Sharks Cove, Oahu, 15 feet


Uncommon around the Main Hawaiian Islands but fairly common at the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  Inhabits reefs at scuba depths where it feeds upon coralline algae.  Oval with a slightly protruding snout, smooth jaws nearly covered by lips, and tail with slightly elongate margins.  Females rose with faint white stripes on the belly, yellow eyes, and red tail with a pale yellow trailing edge.  Males orange or fuchsia with blue-striped face and fins, tail with a bright green trailing edge.  Juveniles brown or rose with four white stripes and a yellow face.  Attains 14 inches.  Endemic to Hawai'i.  Males were formerly known as Scarus lauia.