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Family Apogonidae


Pristiapogon taeniopterus

Puako, Hawaii, 25 feet


Kure Atoll, 15 feet

Moku O Loe, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, 3 feet


Kapoho, Hawaii, 3 feet

Kapoho, Hawaii, 3 feet


Uncommon on rocky reefs taking shelter in dark holes by day, emerging at night to feed upon zooplankton.  Displays an iridescent silver cast at night.  More robust than the Iridescent Cardinalfish with well-defined stripes on fins and dark blotches on the side.  Attains 6 inches.  Spotty records from Mauritius east to French Polynesia and and Hawaii.  Formerly known as Apogon menesemus and Apogon taeniopterus.