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Updated 9/14/2013

Family Velutinidae


Formerly known as the Family Lamellariidae, these are slug-like snails with thin abalone-like shells without holes.  The animal's mantle completely and permanently covers the shell and a round siphonal tube and simple tentacles readily distinguish it from other sea slugs.  The mantle is colored to resemble its colonial tunicate prey.  Rarely found due to their small size and cryptic habit.  Precise identification is impractical without killing the animal and examining the shell.  



Lamellaria sp.

Kewalo, Oahu, 80 feet


Ma'alaea Bay, Maui, 25 feet


Cryptic in rubble, dead coral, or algae.  Attains 1/2 inch.  Color variable.  At least two species occur in Hawaii.