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Updated 8/14/2016

Family Echinometridae


Echinostrephus aciculatus

Kaena Point, O'ahu, 50 feet


Keoki's Ledge, Midway Atoll, 30 feet

Kahe Point, O'ahu, 25 feet


Waimea Bay, O'ahu, 30 feet

Sharks Cove, O'ahu, 30 feet


Makapu'u, O'ahu, 20 feet


Makapu'u, O'ahu, 20 feet

Pupukea Firehouse, O'ahu, 20 feet


Common in crevices at scuba depths.  Ranges from purple to black.  Spines are thin and sharp.  Overall diameter of 3 inches.  Hawai'i & the Indo-Pacific.