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Updated 8/8/2013

Family Echinometridae


Echinometra mathaei

Keahole Point, Hawaii, 2 feet


Makai Pier, Oahu, Hawaii, 8 feet

Borings in basalt, Makapu'u, Oahu, Hawaii


Kaunolu Point tidepool, Lana'i, Hawaii

Haleiwa Trench, Oahu, 5 feet


Ft. Kamehameha, Oahu, 3 feet

Makapu'u tidepool, Oahu



Juvenile, Makapu'u tidepool, Oahu


Makapu'u, Oahu, 25 feet

Kaloko, Oahu

Kahuku, Oahu



Makapu'u, Oahu


Kaunolu tidepool, Lana'i


Abundant in crevices and under slabs.  Pink-brown to olive, light spots outside of Hawaii; never black.  Spines are strong and sharp.  Attains overall diameter of 3 inches.  Hawaii & the Indo-Pacific.