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Created 9/25/2013

Family Diogenidae


Ciliopagurus albatrossi 


An endemic Hawaiian species living within Conus gauguini, a prized cone believed to be endemic to French Polynesia.  Ciliopagurus albatrossi inhabits cone shells at depths exceeding 250 feet but little else is known about the species.  The holotype deposited at the Smithsonian was dredged during the Albatross Expedition in 1902 near Moloka'i.    The animal photographed was collected by HURL's Pisces V submersible atop a basalt pinnacle near Waikiki on 8/15/2013 and deposited in the Bishop Museum.  This research was funded by a grant from NOAA’s Undersea Research Program and Coral Reef Conservation Program, and the Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory pursuant to Project Number NA09OAR4300219.