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Updated 12/18/2015

Family Balistidae


Xanthichthys mento

Female, Pearl & Hermes Reef, 50 feet


Female, Angel Ledge, Midway Atoll, 90 feet


Male, Fish Hole, Midway Atoll, 60 feet


Nuptial Male Crosshatch Triggerfish, Angel Ledge, Midway, 90 feet, 50mm

Male, Angel Ledge, Midway Atoll, 80 feet


Juvenile, Angel Ledge, Midway Atoll, 80 feet

Juvenile, Oahu, 120 feet

Male, Oahu, 120 feet



In the Main Hawaiian Islands this species occurs deeper than 100 feet along current-swept ledges while common in as little as 25 feet around Midway Atoll.  Feeds upon zooplankton just above the reefSoft dorsal & anal fins with red margins in females, yellow in males, caudal fin yellow in females and red in males.  Attains 12 inches.  Subtropical Pacific island groups with water temperature in the mid-60's from the Izu Islands west to Hawai'i, Baja California, south to the Galapagos, Easter Island and Pitcairn Island.