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Family Scombridae


Acanthocybium solandri

Ono, Corsair, Midway, 60 feet, 90mm

Corsair, Midway Atoll


Ono, Corsair, Midway, 60 feet, 90mm

Frigate Point, Midway Atoll



Honolulu Fish Auction


Kahe Pt., Oahu

WAHOO        ono        Sawara

Ono inhabit coastal and offshore waters near the surface where they form small groups which feed upon small fish and squid.  Occasionally seen by divers in deeper water near steep dropoffs or pinnacles.  Extremely fast swimmer with small but razor-sharp teeth.  Dark blue above, displaying electric blue bars when excited.  An excellent food fish with firm light flesh, the Hawaiian name ono means delicious.  Attains a length of 99 inches and weight of 183 pounds but most landed weigh less than 80 pounds.  Tropical & subtropical seas worldwide.