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Updated 3/8/2014

Family Mullidae


Parupeneus cyclostomus

Juvenile, Puako, Hawaii, 30 feet


Angel Ledge, Midway, 85 feet

Puako, Hawaii, 50 feet


Hanauma Bay, Oahu, 30 feet

Mokuleia, Oahu, 100 feet


Mokuleia, Oahu, 100 feet


Waimea Bay, Oahu, 25 feet


Juvenile, Firehouse, Oahu, 20 feet


Juvenile, Sharks Cove, Oahu, 20 feet

Yellow form, Faga'alu, Samoa, 10 feet

Hanauma Bay, Oahu, 4 feet

 BLUE GOATFISH        moano 'ukali ulua

Small foraging parties are occasionally seen at scuba depths as they actively pursue small fish using long barbels to force them out of hiding.  This pack is frequently trailed by opportunistic jacks, wrasses, and morays.  Gray or reddish-brown with iridescent blue spots and a yellow saddle ahead of the tail.  Bright yellow individuals do not occur in Hawaii but are not uncommon elsewhere.  Known locally as moana kali and moano kea.  Attains 20 inches and 7 pounds.  Hawai'i and the Indo-Pacific.