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This website emphasizes Hawaiian fishes and other localities where indicated

Anemonefishes & Clownfishes Angelfishes Anthias
Barracudas Bigeyes Blennies
Boarfishes Bonefishes Boxfishes
Butterflyfishes Cardinalfishes Chubs Cichlids Clingfishes
Cornetfish Cowfishes Damselfishes Dartfishes
Dottybacks, Longfins, & Basslets Dragonets Emporers Filefishes
Flagtails Frogfishes Flatfishes
Fusiliers Goatfishes Gobies Greenlings
Groupers Grunts Gurnards Hawkfishes Jacks
Kelpfishes Knifejaws Ladyfishes Lizardfishes
Milkfish Moorish Idol
Morwongs Mullets Needlefishes Parrotfishes
Pelagic Fishes Pennantfishes Pipefishes
Porcupinefishes Pufferfishes Rabbitfishes Rays Razorfishes
Sandperches Scorpionfishes Sculpins Seahorses
Sharks Silversides Snappers
Soapfishes Soldierfishes Squirrelfishes Ocean Sunfishes
Surfperches Surgeonfishes Sweetlips Threadfins
Tilefishes Triggerfishes Trumpetfish
Unicornfishes Wormfishes Wrasses