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Threats to the Marine Environment

Many cultures have treated bodies of water as convenient repositories for trash, "bottomless" sources of food and natural resources, or something to be dredged, filled, or drained when deemed necessary.  Although we know better in these environmentally-aware times, misuse continues around the world, while areas with improving attitudes and practices will remain scarred for years to come.  Here are a few examples human-induced impacts upon coral reefs observed around the Pacific.

Marine debris

Ingested marine debris

Discarded fishing gear on coral

Marine Life Entrapment

Fish hooked on discarded gear

Marine Life Killed & Discarded by Fishers

Coral Sold as Souvenirs

Coral Trampling and Diver Impact

Coral Bleaching

Coral Diseases

Sea Turtle Tumors

Effects of soil runoff

Coral damaged by boats & anchors

Coral damaged by waves

Invasive Species

Coral overgrown by algae