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Updated 2/20/2013

Kahe Point (Electric Beach), West Oahu

A popular and usually calm shore dive featuring a cooling water outlet from the adjacent power station.  Many divers have their first open water experience here.  A large variety of marine life congregates around the pipes, shallow reefs and sandy plains.  Visibility is normally better than 60 feet making it an excellent place for photography.  

Multiband Butterflyfish

Multiband Butterflyfish


Blacklip Butterflyfish


Bluelined Butterflyfish

Thompson's Surgeonfish


Paletail Unicornfish

Indo-Pacific Sergeant


Blackfin Chromis

Hawaiian Dascyllus


Bandtail Goatfish

Yellowfin Goatfish


Yellowfin Goatfish

Yellowfin Goatfish


Orangebar Goatfish

Female Shortbodied Blenny


Male Shortbodied Blenny

Clearfin Lizardfish


Clearfin Lizardfish

Flagtail Tilefish


Redspotted Sandperch

Hawaiian Whitespotted Puffer


Stripebelly Puffer

Crown Puffer


Yellowtail Filefish

Squaretail Filefish


Scrawled Filefish

Bridled Triggerfish


Bridled Triggerfish

Juvenile Bridled Triggerfish


Lei Triggerfish

Bluestriped Snapper


Gray Snapper

Panther Flounder


Indigo Hovergoby

Elegant Coris


Twospot Wrasse

Juvenile Shortnose Wrasse


Female Shortnose Wrasse

Juvenile Ornate Wrasse


Yellowtail Coris

Female Bird Wrasse


Male Bird Wrasse

Belted Wrasse


Fourlined Wrasse

Fivestriped Wrasse


Male Christmas Wrasse