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Updated 2/20/2013

Halona Blowhole, East O'ahu

Halona Blowhole is located on the southeast coast of Oahu just west of Sandy Beach.  Diving is possible along this coast only during periods of light variable or northerly winds when there is NO SURF.  It is highly recommended to dive somewhere else if waves are breaking.  Strong erratic currents and surge within the cove make getting back to the beach practically impossible.  During tidal exchanges the offshore waters experience a strong current called the Moloka'i Express, that can drag a diver out to sea.  Forget the reef fronting the lookout as there's not much to see.  Best visibility is during high tide.

A large wedge-shaped reef just outside and right of the cove has an interesting wall on the right side from 15 to 50 feet coated with Sinularia Leather coral at the shallowest point.  A variety of slugs, corals, eels, and echinoderms can be seen along this wall and an occasional Leaf Scorpionfish or Frogfish.  The shoreline cliff beyond the cove to the right ends at a point which should be the limit of any shore diving here due to currents and distance.  There's a narrow chasm along the base of the cliff formed by a massive section of rock that broke away from land and it is spectacular on a clear day.  Small caverns along the cliff can be interesting if the surge is light.       

Male Spotted Boxfish


Stout Moray

Stout Moray


Stout Moray

Blackside Hawkfish

Arceye Hawkfish


Reef Triggerfish


Juvenile Reef Triggerfish

Banded Urchin


Zebra Flatworm

Serpulid Worms


Black Hydroid



Pink Sponge

Lacy Bryozoan


Redspotted Nudibranch

Redspotted Slug


Whitemargin Slug

Whitemargin Slug

Whitemargin Slug

Leather Coral


Leather Coral