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Midway Dive Sites

KEOKI’S LEDGE         15 to 60 feet         Beginner - Intermediate

The most dramatic limestone formations Midway has to offer.  Deep canyons, caverns, swim-through’s, arches, walls, and a large chamber in 20 feet housing a school of Black Trevallies and an occasional Giant Trevally.  This is an excellent location for wide-angle photography. Although less populated than the south reef, exciting animals pass through here, such as Hawaiian Monk Seals, Spinner Dolphins, Tiger Sharks, and Tuna.  Divers may also witness the great Convict Tang migration that lasts for hours, starting in the late afternoon.  Currents are generally absent or mild during the calm summer months.  Because this side of the atoll is exposed to the full force of giant winter surf, the reef topography changes from year to year.  Twenty-five minutes from the dock after cruising through scenic Welles Harbor.