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Midway Dive Sites

FISH HOLE (several sections)        25 to 60 feet         Beginner - Intermediate

Midway's biggest and most popular shallow dive with great diversity and abundance of marine life.  This is where most visitors make their first dive and request a repeat visit.  A wide band of raised limestone outcrops terminate in sand at 50 feet providing a variety of habitats and photo opportunities.         

Good place to see Hawaiian Groupers, Hawaiian Morwongs, Whiskered Boarfish, Spotted Knifejaws, Regal Parrotfishes, Crosshatch Triggerfishes, Manta and Eagle Rays, numerous Galapagos Sharks, and an occasional Tuna.  Visibility is excellent during low tide.  Ten minutes from the harbor.

OUTER FISH HOLE        60 feet         Intermediate - Advanced

A narrow ledge 250 feet offshore of the Fish Hole is rarely dived and features Spiny lobsters, Dragon & Whitemouth morays, Lionfishes, Masked Angelfishes, and molluscan rarities.  Subject to strong current.