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Midway Dive Sites

NORTH REEF        15 to 80 feet         Intermediate - Advanced

The North Reef is rarely explored and requires a considerable cruise around or through the lagoon.  Extremely long (1/4 mile) ridges and canyons extend from the reef front to sand at 80 feet or more.   Moderate visibility and less marine life than the south reef.  Normally subject to easterly wind and swell, with moderate current and sharks.  Portions of the north reef front are riddled with caves and caverns.

REEF HOTEL CAVERN COMPLEX    0 to 35 feet    Advanced

An interconnected maze of caves and caverns in the reef front spanning at least 350 feet, reaching far into the reef.  Enter the reef front at 30 feet and emerge from a vertical shaft in mere inches of water shoreward of the surf zone.

WEST REEF         15 to 60 feet         Beginner - Intermediate

The West Reef is a rarely explored region of highly eroded limestone that extend from the reef front to 60 feet or more.  Relatively clear water and mild currents during summer months.  Less marine life than the south reef.   Twenty-five minutes from the harbor.